Real images show the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S10


Sooner or later it had to arrive, we talked about the moment when real images with enough quality appeared to know completely how the design of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 + will be. This has happened and, among other things, it is clear that the screen will include the camera integrated in a hole (Infinity-O).

The photographs that have been published correspond to the final prototype of the two models we are talking about and, therefore, it is not expected that there will be any change in what has to do with the design. One of the first things that remains quite clear is that the front use offered by smartphones will be impressive, since the frames are barely appreciated -especially the sides-. So much so that we will have to see how the Korean company can integrate the stereo speakers that are expected to have their new high-end smartphones (the logical thing is to bet to take advantage of the upper and lower edges, but this would not be ideal to get the best sound effect-.

The desktop that you see on the screen of the two models, which are expected to have dimensions of 6.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and 6.4 inches for the Plus model, is quite minimalist and clean. Therefore, it is clear that from the signature steps are still being taken to optimize your Android customization layer. By the way, as seen in the image that we leave below, the charging port is maintained as USB type C and, in addition, there is good news for users: the bet is maintained by offering headphone jack.

Image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 rear area

Here the first thing that draws attention is that, finally, the two models we are talking about will include three sensors in the main camera (although the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have only one for the selfies while the Plus will have two). This will make the photos that are made with these phones are of higher quality, especially in low light conditions. Besides, I’m sure it also advances in the use of Augmented Reality (AR). As you can see, the module that contains these components protrudes a bit, but due to the length that is logical is that the phone does not dance when you leave it on a flat surface.

As expected, the fingerprint reader is not in the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S10, so it would confirm that it will be integrated into the screen – and everything suggests that Qualcomm’s ultrasound technology will be used. The case, is that as seen in the photos the appearance of this area of ​​the Samsung Galaxy S10 is very clean, and this allows you to see that the hardware buttons are on the right side of the own volume control and ignition, while that on the left will be the one that allows the Bixby assistant to start. Do you like the final design that the new high-end models of the Korean company will have?