Thermaltake Commander C: Computer Case new series with 200 mm RGB fans


The manufacturer of computer casesThermaltake, has just presented its new Commander C series of semi-tower type boxes. The six models presented by this manufacturer will be characterized, mainly, by the use of two large front fans of 200 mm, which will have RGB lighting that can be programmed by the user, a tempered glass on the left side and an interior very broad, which will allow the installation of large components.

The six new models of boxes that make up the new Commander C series of Thermaltake have the abbreviations C31, C32, C33, C34, C35 and C36. All models share the same spacious interior we just referred to a moment ago. Actually, the only thing to change between the six models of the Thermaltake Commander C is the shape of the front of the box and its grid.

Because Thermaltake, with this new series of boxes, has decided not to make the front of its models using tempered glass (as we are used to see in most of the boxes we are talking about) and has replaced it with a traditional metal grid. In this way, Thermaltake ensures that the components that are installed inside the new Commander C series boxes, receive copious amounts of fresh air, coming from outside the box. And we say “copious” because on the front of the box, the company has installed two large fans of 200 mm, which rotate at 800 rpm.

Heatsinks up to 180 mm in height can be mounted inside the Thermaltake Commander C

The external dimensions of the new Thermaltake Commander C boxes are 462 mm (H) x 233 mm (W) x 507 mm (Pr). Thanks to these, the box is perfectly prepared to be able to install large components inside. So, for example, inside we can install heatsinks for the processor that have up to 180 mm in height, graphics cards up to 410 mm in length (as long as you are not using a custom liquid cooling, whose reservation would interfere with this and reduce maximum length up to 310 mm) and a power supply up to 200 mm in length.

Speaking of liquid refrigeration, the new Thermaltake Commander C boxes allow the installation of a radiator up to 360 or 280 mm in the front of the box, while in the ceiling you can install one of 240 or 280 mm. In the back of the box there is space for the installation of a radiator of up to 120 mm, in the hollow of the rear fan,

The front I / O of these new boxes consists of two USB 3.0 ports with type A connector and two 3.5 mm mini jack connectors for the use of headphones and a microphone.

As for the internal storage that these boxes have available, we can use up to three units of 3.5 inches, plus another two units of 2.5 inches, each of them in its corresponding bay.

On the left side, the new boxes have a sheet of tempered glass that allows you to see the inside of the box without interruptions. Therefore, users can easily display their graphics card, since the Commander C carry a pair of vertical slots to install a graphics card (or any expansion card we want).