The best games and new apps for Android this week


Best apps of the week for Android

Another week that comes to an end, and another Friday that we head to Google Play in search of the best applications and the best new games that have reached Google Play over the past few days.

On this occasion we selected three apps and three games, all of them newcomers to Google Play and to which you should undoubtedly give an opportunity during this coming weekend.


If you are looking for a new music player for Android and you have not yet found the right candidate, TimberX may change your mind.

It is an open source project, which in addition to being a complete multimedia player, is committed to the latest technologies available. It is written in the Kotlin programming language, and its design uses the new Material Theme components, as well as relying on the Data Binding development system.

Beyond all the features that we would expect from a music player, TimberX has support for Wear OS, Android Auto, Chromecast and the Google Assistant.

Screen Crop – Quick Settings Tile

Until the arrival of Android 9 Pie, version of the system that we analyzed in depth at the time, the operating system did not include a native screen capture editor. Luckily, there are apps like Screen Crop, a useful tool that, through an icon in the quick settings panel, allows you to create screenshots of specific areas of the screen, and then share them.

Newton Mail

He’s back! In August 2018, CloudMagic announced the goodbye of Newton Mail, one of the most famous email clients used on Android and iOS. A few months later, Essential-yes, the same Essential that you’re thinking-decided to get the application, although his future was at least uncertain.

Now, Newton Mail has returned from beyond, loaded with interesting features, which can be tested for free for 14 days, to later spend to pay a monthly subscription of $ 49.99.

Best games of the week for Android

G30 – A Memory Maze

From time to time we are lucky to welcome games that waste originality. Today is one of those days. G30 is a minimalist and unique puzzle game, with levels designed by hand. The big difference with respect to other titles of its same category, is that despite minimalist graphics based on lines and geometric elements, each level tells a part of the life story of a person with cognitive disorder, who is trying to remember the elusive past, before the disease takes over completely.


SEGA already has its own Clash of Clans rival. Revolver8 is a strategy game that invites us to 3-minute games in real time, where each player will have his own deck of cards, and the objective will be to destroy the opponent’s towers before he does the same with ours.


The title with which we closed the selection of best games this week is Devastator, the latest creation of the developer company Radiangames. It is an arcade action title, which makes us participate in exciting games where we will have to destroy each and every one of the obstacles that come to us, thus avoiding being reached.