Nfortec Sagitta RGB: New Modular PSU with 80 PLUS Gold certification


We have not heard from Nfortec for quite some time, and it seems that they have been working really hard in order to start 2019 with force. Proof of this is its new range of power supplies that have just been presented and where we will have up to four different models that will be distributed depending on their power: 650w, 750w, 850w and 1050w. These models have been called Nfortec Sagitta RGB, so let’s get to know them.

Nfortec Sagitta RGB: maximum lighting with 80 Plus Gold certificate

The new Sagitta series comes undoubtedly loaded with new features compared to models of the same brand, but earlier.

We could focus on three key aspects of this new series, where all the models share these characteristics and are undoubtedly the most outstanding: its new RGB lighting system, its 80 Plus Gold certificate and its total modularity.

Starting with the most striking, its RGB system incorporates a 140 mm fan that will light up with different effects and colors to create a customized configuration in our system.

It is not specified if it can be controlled at pleasure, although according to the photographs it does not seem to have any external driver or USB cable that allows such control.

All you get is a back button that seems to turn off or turn on the RGB LED effect on your fan. In the same way, the fan is controlled in its speed through an intelligent speed control that adjusts according to the load obtained by the source.

80 Plus Gold Certificate

Certifications of power supplies are an important parameter that is increasingly taken into account by users, since to acquire each product has to complete a series of specific tests under industry standards.

In this case Nfortec manages to equip its new Sagitta series with a 80 Plus Gold badge, which means that its energy efficiency will be between a minimum value of 87% and a maximum of 92% (normally 50% of the skillful load or higher ).

This is key to take advantage of all consumption as skilled energy and not waste it in the form of heat, generating more stress to the components of the power supply, and where at the same time we will be more respectful with the environment.

The Sagitta series is completely modular

It may seem common, but the reality is that not all the sources that are in stock at this time, be it the brand that is, have this characteristic, no matter how 2019 we are.

The truth is that implementing this connector system is much more expensive to manufacture than traditional inboard soldered cables.

Even so, Nfortec offers us the entire Sagitta RGB range with fully modular wiring, which is a step ahead of cable management and the internal ventilation of the chassis.

In addition, this feature helps us to install these sources in smaller chassis for PSU, since we can do without in some cases some cables, shortening in certain points the total length of the source.

Speaking of lengths, another of the general characteristics for the four models presented are their measurements, since with 170x150x86 mm we can introduce them almost in the vast majority of existing chassis.