New Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless, wireless and very flashy


A new independent headphones come to the market, and they do it with a design that is most interesting. We talk about the Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless, a model that offers excellent freedom when using them and that are not expensive.

One of the things that stand out in this new accessory is that the colors in which they can be obtained are of the most striking: Black, White, Vanilla or Sky. Undoubtedly, with the Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless is not exactly unnoticed. But, in addition, these headphones include rubber bands for the ear, so it does not have the problems offered by some models that do not fit well for everyone (such as the Apple AirPods model).

The management of the reproductions with these headphones is very simple, since it includes a small touch panel – called Touch Control – which by means of touches and gestures allows to control actions such as volume or passing a song. This means that no button is included in the Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless, which for many will be positive in what has to do with its appearance. By the way, that this accessory includes a transport box that includes its own battery so you can perform downloads wherever you are (up to three complete cycles).

Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless: goodbye to cables

The reservation of these headphones is activated on February 13, 2019 on the website of the manufacturer, with a price of only 50.00 dollars. A good option these Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless for those looking for an independent wireless model.

This is achieved by using Bluetooth technology. This, on the one hand, means that no cable has to be used and, on the other, ensures excellent compatibility since almost all current smartphones include a corresponding chip. In addition, the Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless includes a technology called Easy Connect, which enables the accessory to be synchronized automatically when removed from its case (and disconnected when stored).

Another virtue of these wireless headphones is that they can be considered as off-road, since it is possible to use them both at home and when playing sports. This is due to its good ergonomics (especially untied that its weight is very small, since it is only four grams per element). In addition, the Urban 4 True Wireless Energy Earphones are water resistant, as it includes IPX5 protection, so rain is not a problem.

Other characteristics that should be known about the new ones are the ones we leave below:

o Neodymium magnet driver

o 6 mm driver

o Sensitivity: 0 ± 3 dB / mW

o Frequency: 20-20,000 Hz

o Power: 2 mW

o Impedance: 16 Ohm

o Headphone battery: 50 mAh

o Battery cover: 380 mAh

o Integrate microphone

Availability and price of Energy Earphones Urban 4 True Wireless