KROM Kaiser: New control Pad for PC, PS3 and PS4 with programmable buttons


The manufacturer of peripheral gaming, Krom, today unveiled its new Krom Kaiser control. The new command is based, physically, on the current PlayStation 4 console, but four extra levers have been added to its bottom. In addition, the new Kaiser control has been developed so that, in use, it is compatible with Sony PS3 and PS4 consoles, as with our PC.

Controls for console there are many in the market. We can find from very cheap models (and questionable quality) to competition controls, which usually cost quite expensive. The new Krom Kaiser has a more affordable price for all pockets (as is usual in this brand with its other products) and, however, also provides its users with the freedom to configure some of its buttons. Or to be able to use the command in any of the last two Sony consoles or on your own PC, if you wish.

Speaking of the programmable buttons, there are four levers that the control has located in its lower part. These levers are two for each half of the peripheral (two on the left, two on the right) that are easily pressed by the user when he has the control between his hands, since they end up in the position where the fingers are when the cuff is closed to hold the peripheral. These levers can be customized, so that they can be able to replicate the operation of any of the other 8 peripheral buttons. Once we have made our configuration, the command will allow us to save the changes in two independent profiles.

The Krom Kaiser control will have integrated loudspeaker

Certain features typical of the Sony PS4 console control, such as the built-in speaker in the Kaiser’s body, which allows you to hear sound effects directly from it, or the 3.5 mm mini jack connector for connecting headphones that use this type of connector, they are kept in the new Krom Kaiser. Although the best value for their users is the fact of using a connection to the console through a USB port, located at the end of a cable 3 meters long. Thanks to this type of connection, users will not experience any type of lag between the orders they give, and the corresponding response from the console.

The body of the Krom Kaiser is manufactured using high quality resistant materials, to which a textured finish is added in the area where users hold the control, so that it is much more complicated for the control to escape from the hands when the user It is in the midst of the heat of battle. Or when you sweat your fingers or the palm of your hand, which are situations that always require maximum grip.

The new Krom Kaiser control will be available for purchase later this month of February and will have a retail price of 49.90 euros, which is quite affordable for all budgets. Especially, given its multi platform compatibility, which will surely be a plus for users who own both Sony consoles.