Google wants to reach all audiences: new data of the future Pixel Lite


It seems that this time it is true: everything indicates that Google intends to launch this year a terminal with a more affordable price. And, therefore, be an option for users who do not have large needs. We are talking about Pixel Lite, about which some details of what it will offer have been known.

The internal name of the future Pixel Lite is Sargo, which fits with the usual way of working for Google for their smartphones, and the data that has been known to publish results in the Geekbench performance test are some of the features that will offer this model. An example of what we say is that the amount of RAM that will integrate is 2 GB – there is the possibility that there is a variant with four -, so it will clearly be oriented to the most basic middle range (even, it could be considered as input) , the truth). That is, the Pixel Lite will be a phone for everyone.

As usual in the list of results obtained in the aforementioned test, you can also see data regarding the processor that will have the Pixel Lite, which will be a SoC of eight cores that work at a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz and that points to be a component manufactured by Qualcomm. So, expect a Snapdragon 636 is most likely and would be accompanied by a storage of 32 gigs (do not expect to expand with microSD cards, since Google is not very supporter of this option).

An interesting detail of the known information of the Pixel Lite

Well this is none other than the version of the operating system with which it has passed the test of performance: Android 10. This would indicate that this new terminal would be announced with the rest of the models of the new range of phones of the firm for 2019, so we talk about the month of September or October. This could change if a launch is made with Android Pie, but due to what has been known it is possible that the Mountain View company plans to release the Pixel Lite this fall in its usual event worldwide.

Seen the seen, we talked about a terminal that to have options in the market would have to be around 300 or 350 euros as much, since it is expected that its finish is in plastic and that the screen of the Pixel Lite a size of 5.6 inches with Full HD + resolution and without notch. There will be no fingerprint reader in the back and, as far as I know, it is expected that you keep the headphone jack. A final detail: this model will have a main camera with a single sensor, which is not exactly a surprise on a Google phone.