AOC CQ32G1: a monitor designed for casual gamers.


This year will undoubtedly be very moving in the monitor market, mainly due to the war that will face NVIDIA and AMD with G-Sync Compatible and FreeSync. Manufacturers such as AOC are launching new models such as the one just presented: the AOC CQ32G1, a monitor with QHD resolution, 144 Hz and FreeSync that we will know more in depth below.

This is what the AOC itself qualifies, although seeing its specifications may be really short, as it is loaded with improvements to what is seen in the brand.

To begin, they expand their G1 range with this large monitor, since its size is 31.5 inches (80 cm), something that many will appreciate.

In addition, this size is accompanied by a VA panel, which, although it will not have the colors of an IPS, will be closer in contrast and angles, being an intermediate step between it and a TN panel.

AOC adds the first HDR monitor to its premium range, the AGON AG322QC4

This panel will carry a QHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, which places it within the current medium-high range of panels.

At the moment it does not seem to be very “gaming” right ?, well, the best is yet to come, since AOC has equipped this monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz with a reduced response time of 1 millisecond, which coupled with its support for AMD’s FreeSync adaptive synchronization will provide a smooth and non-tearing / stuttering experience.

High contrast and good sRGB coverage

One of the strengths of the VA panels with quality is a high static contrast, and this seems to be one of them, since with 3000: 1 it is placed in the top of the table without a doubt.

Another aspect to highlight is undoubtedly its coverage for the sRGB range, where AOC ensures that its CQ32G1 will be able to offer a 124% compared to this, it is not mentioned on the other hand if it complies with other coverage such as DCI-P3, for example.

AOC V2H: new FreeSync monitors without frames and with 75 Hz of refresh

The available angles for its correct visualization will be the already typical 178º / 178º, allowing several people to visualize its content from any position or disposition.

Features added by AOC

In addition to the aforementioned, AOC will include in this CQ32G1 its Flicker-Free technology and a LowBlue mode, which will allow its future owners to play during long sessions with less eye fatigue, although we already know, it is advisable to rest your eyes every two hours approximately.

AOC Game Color is another of the parameters to be taken into account, since thanks to it we can select the color saturation and gray levels with 20 detail settings.

For the most demanding gamers the company has developed AOC Dial Point, a pointing indicator on the screen that does not affect the performance of our games, but is tremendously useful in certain games where the sights of the weapons do not suit our tastes.

Availability and price

According to AOC, your CQ32G1 will be available this February at a price of 399 dollars in the main retailers and stores in our country.

Now Available.