A Plague Tale: Innocence already has a release date and will arrive in May to Xbox One, PS4 and PC


A Plague Tale: Innocence has been in development for a couple of years and has not been making much noise since then. In fact, the last time we saw anything about it was at the Gamescom 2018, where Focus Home Interactive left us with a complete gameplay of this promising proposal by Asobo Studio and that is now news again after announcing its date of launching.

The day chosen for his arrival on PS4, Xbox One and PC was on May 14, an announcement that is accompanied by the first of a series of videos published by those responsible over the coming weeks. They will explain some of the most important details about this title and how its development is going.

Without going any further, the first you have below puts us a little up to date with this plot starring Amicia, a girl of 14 years, and her brother Hugo, 5 years. Our protagonist must take charge of the child in this adventure with a huge narrative load set in France in the 14th century while both travel the country in one of its worst periods, during the Black Death.

Players must do everything possible to survive as they will see how the behavior of the characters is evolving, since they will not stop being two children who will have to face adults and sometimes even kill them. However, along the way they will meet other children their age who will provide their help to deal with fearsome rat pests and the Inquisition.

On the other hand, the video also introduces us to the voice actors in charge of giving voice to Amicia and Hugo, highlighting the fact that they themselves were the ones who provided phrases to the development team to include them in the dialogues of their respective characters. We will follow the game very closely because it aims to be one of the surprises of the year.


A Plague Tale: Innocence

Developed by Asobo Studio in collaboration with Focus Interactive, both companies of French origin, A Plague Tale: Innocence is an action and adventure videogame, with strong stealth mechanics, set in a medieval city in France. With two children in the leading roles, Amicia and Hugo, the plot puts the characters in a dark world where light plays a prominent role to protect them from rats, inquisitors and other obstacles.