Is Apple’s dream over? Restructure your project to create an autonomous car


The companies Apple is one of those that, for a long time, has decidedly committed to autonomous cars. But today it does a little less than before, as it has been known that the Cupertino company has restructured the so-called Titan project, reducing the number of employees working there.

The firm itself has confirmed that, around 200 employees who worked in the aforementioned project abandon it to be part of other parts of the company in which they will perform their work. Therefore, it seems that the importance of the autonomous car for Apple is reduced, although this does not mean that learning and autonomous functions are left aside in the company (something that, according to its CEO, Tim Cook, will be vital for the technology sector in a few years and that may mean a new resolution worldwide).

Even, in some sources it is indicated that apart from the indicated with respect to the two hundred employees, many others that were involved in Project Titan will leave this side of immediately. And, in addition, it is possible that finally there will be layoffs for some employees who could not be relocated to the company. That is, they are not the best news for Apple to show stability and confidence in their actions for the future.

Change of direction of the project Titan of Apple

Obviously this movement makes more than one doubt about the current goal of the Titan project (something that is not the first time it happens, since in 2016 the same thing happened). The case, is that it is very possible that the raison d’ĂȘtre of this is to advance in achieving independent automation through learning, leaving aside everything that has to do with the construction of a car. Even the arrival of Bob Mansfield recently to lead this part of the companies would confirm that the change is a reality for Apple as pointed in the source of the information.

In short, it seems that Titan project will remain as the search to create autonomous systems that Apple can take advantage of in its most recognized products, such as the iPhone or MacBook. Therefore, we talk about software development, no hardware as it was not long ago thought. In this way, the cars proving the Cupertino company will be the means to verify that their work works correctly simply, and in this way be able to offer services to third parties, such as companies such as Volkswagen (with which it already has several agreements). about). A pity, but Apple’s car is increasingly far from being a reality.