Friday, February 28, 2020

Sci-Hub, el ‘Pirate Bay’ de la ciencia, acusado de espiar para Rusia y perseguido por las grandes editoriales académicas

En septiembre 2011, la investigadora armenio-kazaja Alexandra Elbakyan puso en marcha un portal web que bautizó con el nombre de Sci-Hub. En él pretendía recopilar todos aquellos artículos y trabajos de investigación que estuvieran tras un muro de pago, para facilitar su acceso a los estudiantes e investigadores que no tuvieran la capacidad de pagar las caras suscripciones a las...

Thermaltake Commander C: Computer Case new series with 200 mm RGB fans

The manufacturer of computer casesThermaltake, has just presented its new Commander C series of semi-tower type boxes. The six models presented by this manufacturer will be characterized, mainly, by the use of two large front fans of 200 mm, which will have RGB lighting that can be programmed by the user, a tempered glass on the left side and an interior very...

The 20 most sold consoles in history.

20. Gamecube - 21.74 million Of course, it can not be denied that Nintendo is a factory to create successful consoles. Among the most sold consoles in history you will find a large number of desktop platforms and laptops of the Great N, one of them is Nintendo GameCube. With an attractive design...

KROM Kaiser: New control Pad for PC, PS3 and PS4 with programmable buttons

The manufacturer of peripheral gaming, Krom, today unveiled its new Krom Kaiser control. The new command is based, physically, on the current PlayStation 4 console, but four extra levers have been added to its bottom. In addition, the new Kaiser control has been developed so that, in use, it is compatible with Sony PS3 and PS4 consoles, as with our PC.

Nfortec Draco v2: new cheap box with four fans RGB and USB C

The manufacturer of computer cases Nfortec, today introduced its new semi-drawer box Draco v2. This new model inherits the design character of the original v1 model, but modifies certain aspects of the design to get a new model more attractive than the old Draco. In the same way, the new Draco v2 still has a large internal space for the installation...

Microsoft puts a date on Project xCloud: its game streaming service

Many are those who want to venture or directly have already ventured with large projects of streaming for games, one step beyond the typical online game that could mean the end of graphics cards and processors in our homes. Microsoft started the road a few years ago with Project xCloud and as a result of what we are going to see next,...

AOC CQ32G1: a monitor designed for casual gamers.

This year will undoubtedly be very moving in the monitor market, mainly due to the war that will face NVIDIA and AMD with G-Sync Compatible and FreeSync. Manufacturers such as AOC are launching new models such as the one just presented: the AOC CQ32G1, a monitor with QHD resolution, 144 Hz and FreeSync that we will know...

AMD Radeon VII vs RTX 2080

Today is the big day, the moment in which the Radeon VII will go through the technology websites and show in the hands of analysts how it performs against its rivals. But before that happens officially, AMD has launched the benchmarks that, under its premises, compare the RTX 2080 against its Radeon VII, which one yields more?

Nfortec Sagitta RGB: New Modular PSU with 80 PLUS Gold certification

We have not heard from Nfortec for quite some time, and it seems that they have been working really hard in order to start 2019 with force. Proof of this is its new range of power supplies that have just been presented and where we will have up to four different models that will be distributed depending on their power: 650w, 750w,...

Silverstone Nightjar NJ600: all the details and price of this 80 Plus Platinum passive power supply

SilverStone is one of those premium brands that make the difference with others. Their products, as a rule, tend to be of an unblemished quality and at the same time they tend to innovate, as is the case with us today.

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